Investors in Italy advised to look at Calabria

As published by Ready2Invest

Investors who are thinking of entering the Italian property market have been advised to consider looking at the Calabria region.

The province was highlighted as a good option for overseas buyers by real estate expert Marco Rossi, who stated that people still had time to pick up a bargain in this fast-growing market.

Speaking to the Daily Record, he said that the region, commonly referred to as the Italian Riviera, was receiving substantial interest from foreign investors.

He suggested that the town of Pizzo, located on the west coast of Calabria, would be a good to look at, as it offered attraction such as restaurants, bars and a historic town centre.

Furthermore, Mr Rossi said it was located close to Lamezia Airport, making it easily accessible to both investors and holidaymakers.

He told the newspaper: "This area is already a thriving seaside resort, so properties here will attract good rental income."

This comes after UK-based newspaper the Telegraph stated that the region, known as "the toe on the Italian boot", was proving to be highly appealing to investors because of its relatively low property prices.

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