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Sunday, 30th March 2008

Propertyline goes international

Propertyline has widened its borders and is now trading under the name of Propertyline International with a new registered corporate logo. The company's specific intention is to promote local and overseas properties to the Maltese and international market.

In-Sight Ltd, the company operating Propertyline, was incorporated in 1986 by two brothers, Graham and Trafford Busuttil. It operates from six offices in Malta and Gozo, with a full sales, letting and commercial property service.

These offices house a top-notch team of experienced property consultants, who are always ready to handle clients' requests, professionally assisted by an extensive computerised property portfolio.

A new website www.propertyline was recently launched, providing clients with extensive information on the countries offered, a complete investor's guide and a large selection of quality homes in Malta and overseas.

Propertyline International is a member of the National Association of Estate Agents in the UK, the Malta Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Estate Agents. Trafford Busuttil, managing director of Propertyline International, is president of the FEA and member of the Building Consultative Council (BICC).

Propertyline has been recognised by the international organization Bellevue winning the Best Estate Agency Award in 2006 and 2007 and is also featured on the website of the UK The Times.

Propertyline International is currently offering a wide selection of properties at favourable prices and purchasing opportunities in various countries, such as Cyprus, Dubai, Egypt, Malta and Gozo, Portugal, Turkey, Morocco and Italy.

Moreover, besides the local marketing set-up, the company is constantly attending property exhibitions overseas and organises training courses and seminars. Propertyline International has a presence in over 180 offices throughout Europe, mainly in the UK, which direct customers towards the Maltese Islands, adding to the company's international profile.

Later this year, Propertyline will be expanding its overseas operation to include properties in a number of other countries with ideal investment opportunities.

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