Press Room
Sunday, 21st September 2008

Training Academy course on how to become a real estate agentl

After the success of its first and second training courses, Propertyline International is now receiving applications for the third Training Academy, led by the company's managing director and president of the Federation of Estate Agents, Trafford Busuttil.

This extensive training course on 'How to be an estate agent' is open to the general public and is being offered free of charge. It is spread over two months, starting on September 30, and will be held twice weekly between 6.30 and 8.30 p.m. It will cover subjects like communication, body language, legal aspects and the cycle of a sale.

At the end of the course, candidates are asked to take an exam and those who succeed will be given the opportunity to work within the Propertyline team. Applicants are to call Kimberly Cioffi on 2138 39 66 during office hours.

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