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Trafford Busuttil reconfirmed FEA president

The number of available properties on the market is far lower than that being bandied about by certain observers, the Federation of Estate Agents president for 2008, Trafford Busuttil, told the annual general meeting. The meeting reconfirmed Mr Busuttil as president.

Mr Busuttil said that 2007 was a year full of achievements and challenges, and the main one was the misinterpretation of the number of vacant properties available on the market.

He pointed out that the federation was carrying out a detailed study on the figures published by the National Statistics Office and would be publishing its findings later on this year.

“When one looks at a detailed breakdown of the number of vacant properties on a town by town basis and deducts a number of issues, the number of available properties is far lower than that being bandied about by certain observers,” he said.

Apart from Mr Busuttil’s appointment as president, a new council was appointed. Joseph Sullivan has been appointed vice-president, Manjri Borg Bindra retained her post as secretary, and Ian Casolani, Douglas Salt, Joseph Mercieca and Stephen Sant Fournier were appointed members.

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